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This is where tastes are developing, and students expect choice as well as great value for money.

We know our offer has to compare favourably with the standards of High Street food.

Welcome to the Edwards & Ward family of Food.

Our Food Brands

We support our schools in maximising uptake by listening to the students and understanding what works best for your school

Great Food Coming Your Way!

We look forward to sharing healthy, fresh food with the students that will appeal to their taste buds.

We provide fantastic meals, and lunchtime experiences that make our customers want to eat with us every day, that’s pupils, and teachers. 

the Streats

Our “Streats” brand bring High Street choices such as Burritos, Noodle Pots or Greek Salad Flatbreads. These can all be enjoyed in the dining hall or as a handheld option – we understand students time is precious!

The Core

Our food brands such as “The Core “provide a traditional option that feed the hungriest appetites and feature favourites like local sausages and mash or Slow Roasted Chicken.

the hot pod

Home-made sandwiches and baguettes sit alongside salad boxes, fresh fruit and comforting puddings – all aimed at feeding those growing minds and bodies.

You're Important to Us!

Ensuring that every student is given the ability to eat a fresh and nutritious meal on a daily basis.

We don’t take a one-size fits all approach to our service. Through tasting sessions and student councils with we do shape the service as required. 

We cater for special dietary requirements, advise on allergens in menus and offer gluten-free alternatives for all dishes