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Meet David Belsey | Q&A

Week 10

David Belsey

I am the Company Chef focusing on the menus throughout the business, recipe writing, onsite support and companywide food development.

It’s a new challenge which calls upon all the skills I have learnt from my whole career up to now. I love the people I work with as we are all working towards the same goals and the incredible people across our whole business who care about feeding children every day.

Fruity Chicken & Coconut Curry with Steamed Rice. It’s simple, authentic and is a solid recipe which our chefs have been surprised just how good it is.

A lazy morning with the family rustling up some brunch, then there’s nothing better than an afternoon at the flicks (preferably on my own). I love a good walk along the Thames with a stop which includes good conversation and a glass of something.

Anywhere as long as I’m with my family.