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Meet Sue Meilack | Q&A

Edwards and Ward Meet Sue Meilack | Q&A

Week 12

Sue Meilack

I am the Head of Human Resources, working in the HR and Payroll team, based at Head Office. We cover all HR queries/admin and process payroll for 560+ staff between our team of two. The Pandemic created lots of challenges for us, learning about Furlough, supporting our staff throughout, and working through lockdowns to ensure all staff were paid on time. I’m very proud that we all worked together to get through it safely.

Working with the team at Head Office is great fun. I enjoy hearing from our employees and assisting them with their queries. A business is only as good as its employees and we have some amazing, hardworking staff out there!

I haven’t yet had an opportunity to visit units to sample the menus, largely due to Covid restrictions; however, I have a very sweet tooth, so if any of the Ops Managers would like to send us some Jammy Dodger Flapjacks, we would be delighted to try them.

I love to socialise with friends and family. There’s nothing better than chilling out with friends in the sunshine, who make you laugh out loud for hours, whilst drinking the occasional G&T.

Australia – I’ve yet to visit one of my friends who moved back there a few years ago. Hawaii – I always said if I won the lottery, it’s the first place I’d head to. I’m still waiting.