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Meet Katy Williamson | Q&A

Edwards and Ward Meet Katy Williamson | Q&A

Week 6

Katy Williamson

I am our Special Diets Administrator. I help with all our menus and arrange adapted school meals for children with allergies or medical conditions. I also look after our website and social media.

Knowing that I am helping children who maybe have some difficult dietary requirements to feel included and have a healthy, balanced lunch. I also like getting to be creative when I’m working on the website.

Probably the Bean & Vegetable Chilli Tacos because I love vegetarian food. Although if I’m being honest, the thing I am most excited to try is the new Custard Cream Sponge!

Going for a run in the morning, heading out for a nice lunch in the afternoon and then playing video games in the evening.

Lapland. I think it looks so peaceful and I would love to see the northern lights.